How to Turn Hair From Black and Blue to Blue and Crazy Colored Hair

Everyone is known for their unique hair color but not everyone looks good in their unique hair. If you want to make sure you have beautiful colored hair, try these steps to create a new look. No matter what color you choose, it can be simple, colorful, or bright, when you use this list of tips you will get the look you want.

Colors of your hair can work for you but you can also change your hair texture to make them look great. For example, you can add more volume to your hair and play up your curls to create a soft, and silky appearance.

To add volume to your hair, try putting a little hair spray on a small section at the back of your head. After the hair spray is completely dry, you can take it all off with a pomade or spray it with something that will hold the hair. Once the hair is dry and curled, add a little bit of gel that will hold it together and let it look all shiny.

Colors will add color to your hair, which makes it a little darker and offers different ways to play up the look. Try adding color into your hair by going with a few highlights and using colored extensions.

Color varies in intensity depending on the manufacturer. Experiment with your colors to create a look that you really like. The first step is knowing what you like.

Before you can find the perfect look, you need to determine what your hair should look like. You want to find a natural look that you like.

One option to add volume to your hair is by using hair spray to straighten it out. Then spray a different color over the hair and work it into the areas where you don’t want the color to show. Sometimes this is just enough to add some volume. Having hair straightened with color spray is not the best way to accomplish this. It can still cause you to have an uneven look and the color will not last very long. Using gel is the best way to accomplish this.

Be sure to apply the gel and let it set. Apply the gel and once it has set you can then add a bit of hair spray and brush it into the hair making sure to cover as much as possible and then let it sit for a few minutes.

This beautiful way to achieve volume and color is especially great when you are doing multiple colors. You can add color throughout your hair while using this technique.

Once you have done this method you will find that you can easily accessorize and keep the looks that you like. Be sure to follow the tips above to really get your desired look.

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