is chief bogo a predator

Prince Naveen | Juju | Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit | Lionheart is arrested by Bogo, and the new mayor, Bellwether, rises to power subsequently. Dottie | Chief Bogo is the tritagonist of Zootopia. Judy and Nick rush to alert Chief Bogo, but are … Zephyr | Cassandra | The Lone Ranger | GoGo Tomago | Thomas | Thackery Binx | Cinderella (2015) | Max Medici | Mercury | Dodger | Scrooge McDuck | Piglet | Max Keeble | Colette Marchant | Mice (2015) | Nick Parker | Messua | Wing Commander Gutsy | Hobby Spring Sprite | Brain | Lieutenant Mattias | Foaly | While the other members are assigned to find said mammals, Bogo regulates Judy to parking duty. Mr. Meacham | Quasimodo | J.P. Spamley | Maurice | Vultures | Mother Ginger | Vixey | She made things complicated... Not only had lost her husband a few years prior... She was also a predator. Rebecca Cunningham | Owl | Piglet (2018) | When Bogo demands Judy's badge, Nick stands up for Judy reminding Bogo that she has ten more hours left to find Mr. Otterton. Jenny Blake | China Girl | Allison | Maid Marian | Lizzy | Dave Douglas | Chip and Dale | Rutt and Tuke | Chief Bogo is the chief of the Zootopia Police Department in Zootopia. Blaster | Maggie | Sarabi | Belle (2017) | Balthazar Blake | Sora | Ki | Dinky and Boomer | #bogo #fanfiction #hopps #judy #junick #nick #wilde #wildehopps #zootopia. Evinrude | Tip and Dash | Thelma | Embarrassed, Bogo quickly tries to change the subject, leading Clawhauser to reveal that Judy has uncovered all fourteen missing mammals, plus the savage jaguar, deeply shocking and impressing the chief. Pete | Colonel | Gabriella | Scat Cat | Michael Darling | The Sultan | Url | The Gump | Yesss | Lady (2019) | Pacha | When she arrives at his office, he suggests that she doesn't notify Lionheart about Judy's appointment to the Otterton case, and treats her in a fairly delicate manner, indicating that he thinks of her as somewhat naïve and perhaps unintelligent. Reuben | Toulouse | Spirit Dream Eaters | Stella | Gosalyn Mallard | Goals Judy and Nick rush to alert Chief Bogo, but are intercepted and trapped by Bellwether and her henchrams. Riku | He is a cape buffalo and the chief of theZootopia Police Department. What will happen next? Ballerina | Initially, Bogo is portrayed as serious, no-nonsense and highly prejudiced. Flower | Junior (Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race), Sunny | Phillip Brainard | Nora | Frankie | Bambi | Queen Elsa | Miss Eglantine Price | Sparky | Atka | Hercules | Bernard | Winston | Roger Rabbit | Pocahontas | However, with the arrival of Assistant Mayor Bellwether and her notification of Mayor Lionheart that she is taking the case, he begrudgingly gives her 48 hours to crack the case, with every assumption that she will fail. Wasabi | Fflewddur Fflam | Yo Yo Flamingo | Toby Turtle | Prince Phillip (2014) | Wilbur Robinson | However, this doesn't stop him from enjoying a few rounds of playful banter with the duo, on account of their history with one another. Sophie | Full Name Chief Bogo is a major character in Disney's 2016 animated feature film, Zootopia. His name comes from the word "m'bogo", which means "cape buffalo" in Swahili. While he says very little about Bellwether, it is likely that he considers her in the same manner as most residents of Zootopia. WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT/Gray News) - Police Chief Ralph Evangelous called a man who is preying on other men in downtown Wilmington a “predator.”. Flounder | Zoe Plummer | White Queen | Cliff Secord | Nigel | Mortimer Mouse | Abu (2019) | Eeyore (2018) | Bruno | Hua Mulan | Lady | Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff | Pumbaa | Inspector Fix | Sir Victor | Fethry Duck | Judy is hailed a hero following these events, and earns Bogo's respect. | When politely approached about the matter, and after being reminded that she was the top of her class at the academy, Bogo states that he didn't forget, but didn't care, leaving Judy with her meter maid assignment. Pascal | Ivan | Dumbo | Mufasa (2019) | Kiara | Webby Vanderquack | Judy then volunteers to find Otterton, personally, prompting Bogo to fire her on the spot for insubordination. Mona | Blag | Grammi Gummi | Pumbaa (2019) | Dr. Brenda Bradford | Sunni Gummi | Jasmine | Sally | Muses | Tiana | Milo's Mother | Maurice (2017) | Einstein | Taran | George of the Jungle | Hyacinth Hippo | Merryweather | Share via Email … After her appointment to the role of Mayor after Lionheart's impeachment and arrest, we do not see much interaction between the two, except over Judy and her role in the ZPD. Lumière (2017) | Mama Odie | Charlotte La Bouff | Popeye | The Baker | He purposely glosses over formally introducing Judy, not caring for new recruits, and primarily focuses on the fourteen missing mammal cases that have occurred throughout various districts in the city. The Prince | Warren Peace | Timothy Q. Glinda the Good Witch of the South | Vitani | Baker | Dusty Crophopper | Anastasia Tremaine (2015) | Mack | Mr. Beaver | Mr. Grasshopper | With the discovery that she had been masterminding the entire incident, Bogo is quick to arrest her. Borra | Yar | Runt of the Litter | Clopin | But that is NOT to say that his part in the conspiracy or even bellwether’s is over. Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité. The BFG | Horace Horsecollar | Ted Johnson | Murphy | Charlie Calvin | Abby Mallard | Although they only have a few scenes of onscreen interaction, it's clear that they are willing to accept each other as they are, potentially off-putting behaviors and all. Chief Bogo had never been the romantic type, love had never been in his favor until a Special Agent comes along to investigate a serial murderer. Roger Radcliffe | Copper | Bentina Beakley | James Henry Trotter | Guido | Jumba Jookiba | Knowing Lionheart would be furious if he learns that Judy's been taken off the case, Bogo begrudgingly allows her mission to proceed, but informs her that she only has 48 hours to complete it, or she must resign. Aurora | Henrietta | Fairy Godmother (2015) | Charles de Girl | Martin | Christopher Robin (2018) | Skip to content. King John | Chief Bogois the tritagonist ofZootopia. Joshamee Gibbs | Bolt | Rita | Perdita | Emma | Jill Young | Fillmore | Captain Phoebus | With the entrance of Mrs. Otterton and Judy's insistence that she can and will solve the case of her missing husband, he becomes enraged and fires her on the spot. Later, he chooses not to fire him during the anti-predator riots and returns him to the front desk immediately after the … Rolly | The following night, Bogo is in his private quarters entertaining himself with a Gazelle app, only to be interrupted by Clawhauser, who discovers the chief's secret love for the pop star. Snow White | Lucky Jack | Chief Bogo is portrayed as a bit of a git. Nasty Jack | Jock (2019) | See more ideas about chief bogo, zootopia, disney zootopia. Tinker Bell | Archimedes Q. Porter | Tummi Gummi | Bog King, Sequels Ocean | Mulch Diggums | Basil of Baker Street | Timon | Alistair Krei | Zootopia Sheriff | Rama | Sparky | Whales | Huckleberry Finn | Mrs. Jumbo | However, the savage predators are not cured, as the cause of their peculiar behavior has yet to be uncovered. Aladdin | Dave Stutler | Dawn | Flora | Thumper | Willie | Bogo is initially mistrustful of Wilde, perhaps more-so than with Judy, and refuses to let him act as a witness, even though he did indeed witness many of the events which could solve the Missing Mammal cases. Big Mama | Once Judy succeeds in solving her case, he immediately softens up to her, becoming a supportive and soft-spoken ally. Gregg O'Hara | Eddie Valiant | Chance | Genie | Taking offense by Mayor Lionheart's decision to add a bunny to the force without his opinion on the matter (as Judy was the valedictorian of her class at the Police Academy, making her legitimate in the mayor's eyes), Bogo took it upon himself to assign Judy with the seemingly looked down upon task of meter maid duty. Simba (2019) | Outside of the fact that he's a closet Gazelle fan, Bogo is unafraid to be proven wrong and accept humiliation. Solving Cases Long John Silver | This leads to public outcry, with citizens believing predator mammals are reverting back to their "natural instincts", causing them to lash out and lose their sanity unexpectedly. Dec 31, 2020 - Explore T. Optinavi's board "Chief Bogo" on Pinterest. Cash | Katrina Van Tassel | Principal Powers | Leslie Burke | Annie James | Jack Magary | Aquarianne | Bogo is first introduced during morning routines in the bull pin of the ZPD headquarters. Tigger (2018) | Bob | Chief Bogo : Insubordination! Judy Hopps | Robe | As such, he appoints her to park duty. Madame Upanova | Sir Tuxford | Tik-Tok | But, to be fair, you did stop a master criminal from stealing two dozen moldy onions. Duchess | Mowgli | Ethan | Granny Rose | Spot the Killer Whale | King Triton | Towards his comrades on the force, Bogo is rather charming and stark but playfully mischievous. Eeyore | His prejudice views also seem to have lifted due to Judy, as he was not only welcoming towards the latter following her success as an officer and a detective, but was also willing to add Nick to the force, though he previously showed a bigoted distrust towards foxes, thus furthering the examples of his growing acceptance. Police Chief of the ZPD Waylon and Floyd | Alan-A-Dale | Cogsworth | Nani Pelekai | BOGO definition is - a sales promotion in which an item is offered free or at a reduced price when another item is purchased at full price. Lizzie | "And that's good enough reason for me to jettison the most reliable, dedicated employee I have ever hired, wholesale, without warning?" Figaro | Tadashi Hamada | Franny Robinson | Kerchak | Red | Victoria | Chief Bogo | He's a stern, unforgiving, hard-bitten veteran of the police force who expects all of his officers to be as tough as he is. Jim Hawkins | Koda | John Smith | Peter Pan | Prudence | Miss Spider | They were the Feds, sent directly by the government. Larry | His manager, Chief Bogo. Mouse | Heihei | Cubbi Gummi | Emperor of China, Other Animated Movies The following day, Bogo gets word that Judy abandoned her parking duties to catch a weasel, supposedly endangering Little Rodentia in the process, among other charges. Like many mammals, Bogo was highly prejudiced at the start of the film. Jim Evers | Bugsy | Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | We're all dropping the case at Crooked Hoof Apartments." Terra (Lingering Will) | Giles Winslow Sr. | Ebenezer Scrooge | Nikki | Bridget | Aladdin (2019) | Toaster | Meeko | Lumière | Wayne Szalinski | Gruffi Gummi | Darwin | Mooch | It's hard enough being a predator because we face that already. Gabriella Montez | Occupation Kirby | Pegasus | Mrs. Calloway | Mouse King | Kath Soucie voices a younger Nick Wilde. April, May and June | Sarafina | Muscular, top-heavy body; dark grey fur; brown eyes, wears glasses occasionally; dark blue police uniform with black utility belt. Sally Carrera | Dr. Joshua Sweet | Cass Hamada | Shane Wolfe | After Wilde's enlistment to the Zootopia Police Department, he seems to treat him with the same open joking attitude as Judy. Chief Bogo is the tritagonist of the 2016 Disney animated feature film Zootopia. Windlifter, Shorts, TV Shows, Comics and Video Games No information 1 Personality 2 Film Role 3 Gallery 4 Trivia 5 Navigation Like many mammals, Bogo was highly prejudiced at the start of the film. Ben Ali Gator | He is a cape buffalo and the chief of the Zootopia Police Department. Mrs. Potts (2017) | Ben Gates | Lampy | John Silver | Mickey Mouse | Roo | Kronk | Hera | Percy | Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad | Frank Walker | In fact, you could argue he is sort of a secondary antagonist. Sara Evers | Moana Waialiki | Eric | José Carioca | Madeline Robin | Dani Dennison | Sitka | Little Red Riding Hood | So Bogo has to go through the motions. Athena | Chad Danforth | She may not be able to be Mayor anymore but she can still be a heavy hitter in the conspiracy. Finn McMissile | Blanky | Clawhauser is the ZPD's resident cheetah, and has been under their employment for a number of years, working at the front desk as a receptionist. Winifred | Benji | Jessica Rabbit | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Little John | With the city in fear, Bogo discusses with Bellwether that Judy, the hero of the city, should be promoted to be the spokesperson for the Zootopia Police Department. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Pip | Aslan | "Life isn't some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true! Te Fiti | Mr. Big | Despite this, like many of Lionheart's subordinates, Bogo is slightly afraid of the lion mayor, as he refrained from doing anything to upset him and even becomes visibly anxious when his name is mentioned. Sarafina (2019) | Frank Wilson | But the fact that my children look a little bit different they get treated!" Grand Councilwoman | Ienzo | Yao, Ling and Chien Po | Inspector Gadget | Friend Owl | In contrast to how Lionheart treats Bellwether, Chief Bogo seems to treat Clawhauser with significant autonomy and patience and treats him with relative courtesy the entire time. Glowworm | Bogo secretly doubted they were even Feds, he figured that they were above the president but truthfully couldn't care to give it more thought. In contrast to how Lionheart treats Bellwether, Chief Bogo seems to treat Clawhauser with significant autonomy and patience and treats him with relative courtesy the entire time. Cinderella | Kenai | Lars | Pete (2016) | Holley Shiftwell | Will Turner | Phillip Hoffman | Gruff | Layla Williams | Organization XIII | (Axel | Xion | Roxas | Commander Tung | KnowsMore | 6 March 2016. Elsa Van Helsing | Elionwy | Share. Once she stops Duke Weaselton from stealing toxic night howler flowers, which he would have then sold to Doug, he becomes irritated by her insubordination and starry-eyed views. Zini | King Richard | Jaq and Gus (2015) | Hermes | Ape | Tigger | Dr. Doppler | Zeus | Prince Edward | Marnie Piper | Kiera and Catalina | Kessie | Flo | Dumbo (2019) | Kairi | Diaval | Chief Bogo is a character from Zootopia. Frou-Frou | Timon (2019) | Prince Dastan | Zero | Blade Ranger | P.J. Slue-Foot Sue | Rosetta | Nanny | Nala (2019) | Luigi | El Chupacabra | Aside from his work dedication, he disliked anything that interfered with more serious matters, including politics and the antics of his own officers. Phileas Fogg | He purposely glosses over formally introducing Judy, not caring for new recruits, and primarily focuses on the fourteen missing mammal cases that have occurred throughout various districts in the city. The following morning, Bogo is called for emergency backup by Officer Clawhauser, requested by Judy in the Rainforest District. Chief Bogo Solo: a Zootopia Story is a 2019 animated film from Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studios 127 years after of the movie Chief Bogo Mad Hatter | Water Rat | Huey, Dewey, and Louie | Ramone | Captain | Max | Chief Powhatan | Tom Sawyer | Fairy Godmother | Little interaction beyond that occurs between Wilde and Bogo before the cases have been decidedly solved. Lucy Pevensie | Jess Aarons | B.E.N. To Bogo's left and right were various predator and prey agents who outranked him. During the climax, Judy discovers the truth behind the predator's strange behavior; it's Bellwether who's to blame, as she and her ram henchmen created a serum capable of turning civilized animals into wild beasts, using it to turn the predator minority population savage so the prey majority population would turn against them and, in turn, have prey dominate the city. Chief Bogo is a male Cape buffalo and the tritagonist of Zootopia. Gladstone Gander | Fife | Sharpay Evans | Maui | Rajah | Esmeralda | While he acknowledges that there were new recruits amongst them, he refused to go into details because he didn't care. Silvermist | | Sheik Amar | Commander Julius Root | Ventus | A gruff Cape buffalo, Chief Bogo is the leader of the Zootopia Police Department. Grand Duke | Winnie the Pooh | Monker Muddlefoot | Francis | Snickers | Lulubelle | Old Yeller | Doc Hudson | Jasmine (2019) | Benjamin ClawhauserMayor LionheartJudy HoppsDawn Bellwether (formerly)Nick Wilde Strelitzia | Also, he immediately forgives him for errors made in good faith and allows him to be himself at work. King Stefan | Baboons | Sarge | Denahi | Hiram Flaversham | Bagheera (2016) | Bruni | Ryan Evans | Adira | He is voiced by Idris Elba, who also portrayed Heimdall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No information The Sultan (2019) | Varian | Trusty (2019) | Jenny Slate as Bellwether, a diminutive sheep who is the assistant mayor of Zootopia. Friar Tuck | Roquefort | Eema | Data-Riku | Judy denies the offer, feeling she's ruined the city, and resigns from her position as officer. The King | Victor, Hugo, & Laverne | Mowgli (2016) | Gepetto | Alice Liddell | Fifi | Emperor Kuzco | Mother Cougar | Underdog | Ranjan | Those who succeed in doing so, such as Judy, garner his utmost respect. Chief Buffalo Butt (by Nick) Chief Bogo Rajah (2019) | Chief Bogo is the Chief of Police, he still has to act like a cop, so of course arresting her, there was evidence now, a confession. Kevin Flynn | Chief Bogo is a large, muscular cape buffalo, who is the commander (and chief) of the Zootopia Police Department.Tough as nails and rough around the edges (and pretty much all over), Chief Bogo doesn't suffer fools gladly. Mighty Joe Young | Seven Dwarfs (Doc, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy & Dopey) | Home; About; Search for: Tag Archives: chief bogo “We may be evolved, but down deep we’re still animals.” Disney’s Zootopia. Simba | Genie (2019) | The Emperor of China | Abigail Chase | Pluto | Vanellope von Schweetz | Sassy | Dr. David Q. Dawson | Tonto | Jock | Data-Naminé | Billina | Megara | Bucky | Akela (2016) | Friends/Allies Zummi Gummi | Kida | Perri | David Kawena | Ethan Dalloway | Neewa | Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 | Dexter Reilly | lol Download skin now! Bogo and his force arriving to arrest Bellwether. Jane Porter | Rafiki | Fawn | Darkwing Duck | Later, he chooses not to fire him during the anti-predator riots and returns him to the front desk immediately after the conspirators are caught. In the end, Judy is reinstated, while Nick joins the force, as well. Mrs. Ladybug | Elrena | Baloo | Bogo and his force infiltrate an asylum operated by Mayor Lionheart, where it is revealed that the mammals, all predators, have been illegally imprisoned by wolf mercenaries per the mayor's orders, and have somehow gone savage. Porthos | Lilo Pelekai | Rhino | Casey Newton | Reasonings behind Bogo's serious demeanor, specifically towards his position as chief of police, have been hinted at. Alias Domovoi "Dom" Butler | Stitch | Zazu | Scuttle | After she finds every one of the missing mammals, he is noticeably surprised as to her success. When notified by Clawhauser that she has arrived and is looking to talk with him, he takes a very dismissive tone to his voice, attempting to usher her out without a fuss. Ruby | Olive Oyl | Chief Bogois the tritagonist ofZootopia. Magic Carpet (2019) | Susan Johnson | Aramis | Suri | Bogo's tone in regards to Mrs. Otterton reflects his attempt to dismiss her, similarly to how he attempts to dismiss Bellwether and Judy. Raksha (2016) | Sophie Piper | He is a cape buffalo and the chief of the Zootopia Police Department. Bogo is last seen during the credits, excitingly dancing alongside Clawhauser at Gazelle's concert performance. Idris Elba as Chief Bogo, an African buffalo who is the police chief of the Zootopia Police Department's 1st Precinct. Neera | Marahute | Rafiki (2019) | Cobra Bubbles | Santa Claus | Rapunzel | Though hesitant at first, Judy agrees. Instead, Bogo is given a call by Bellwether that Nick has gone savage, and is attacking Judy. The toughest cape buffalo on the force, Chief Bogo serves and protects his allies with his massive riot shield. Wahb | Raksha | Moki | This presumably drives Bogo to ensure that both himself, and his officers, are consistently diligent and efficient in protecting the city. Kala | Pongo | Iago | Scamp | Aqua | He appears to work closely with Chief Bogo, the head of the police department, as it is Clawhauser who regularly keeps the chief up to date with the current events going a… Lucky | Cri-Kee | by DisneyFan100 Follow. Powers/Skills Zazu (2019) | Kanga | Feeling as if Judy is running a wild goose chase, Bogo demands her badge as a sign of resignation, but Nick stands up for her, scolding Bogo for his prejudices, and noting that she still has ten hours, by that point, to find Otterton. Li Shang | Wreck-It Ralph | Chip Potts (2017) | Nick Parker | Chief Bogo cut the bunny off one more time, causing her to flinch back a bit. Magenta | Cody | Kovu | Gribble | Shadow | Madellaine | Murgatroid the Snake | Grace | Mertle Edmonds | Chief Bogo is a major character in the 2016 Disney animated feature film Zootopia and a minor character in Zootopia 2. White Fang | Ancestors | Skeeter Bronson | Riku Replica | Buck | Donald Duck | Wooster | Vidia | Gyro Gearloose | Robert Philip | Chief Bogo : [inside Chief Bogo's office where the Chief reads a list of Hopps's offenses] Abandoning your post, inciting a scurry, reckless endangerment of rodents. Cleo | Forest Animals | Urchin | Grandma Tala | Chief Tui | Elizabeth Swann | Tarzan | Gurgi | According to producer Clark Spencer, the inspiration for the character that would eventually become Chief Bogo came from the filmmakers' research trip to Africa, where they learned that cape buffalos are known to be unforgiving creatures. Queen Leah | Louis the Alligator | "Alright, listen up. Jonathan Boy | Sergeant Calhoun | Angelique | Mr. Magoo | Cala | Wolf | Chen Honghui | Br'er Rabbit | Honey Lemon | Rollo | His estimation of her goes up greatly, even after she inadvertently causes conflict between the predatory and prey mammals of Zootopia, attempting to reassure her before she hands her badge in of her own accord. Honeymaren Natura | Chip Potts | Do-Gooder Carol Newman-Calvin | Samson | Lea | Aurora (2014) | Christopher Robin | Bambi's Mother | He took her home, put her in her bed, and left. Merlin | Lady Kluck | The chief calls Hopps to his office and scolds her on the matter, additionally expressing his annoyance in her starry-eyed ways of seeing the world. Anna Coleman | Gwen Piper | Both agree that she would make a good face for the organization, and while the meeting ultimately results in Judy's resignation, very little is seen or said after that. Sir Gawain | Main menu . Sergeant Tibbs | George Knox | Cavin | Blue Fairy | Marie | Captain Gantu | Peter Pevensie | Rapunzel | He is a cape buffalo and the chief of the Zootopia Police Department. Juarez | Lofty | Fagin | Dixie | Tramp | Gordon Bombay | Patch | Olaf | Taylor McKessie | Clara Stahlbaum | When asked about Bogo's first name, director Byron Howardsaid it remains undecided. Daisy Duck | Gopher | Cassim | With the incarceration of Bellwether and Judy's re-joining of the Force, his relationship with Judy evidently improves again, with him openly jesting with her on a role call. Maybe it was wrong of me to write this essay as a sort of (implied) critique of Zootopia instead of as shining a light on an aspect of it that might not have been obvious to everyone. Also, he immediately forgives him for errors made in good faith and allows him to be himself at work. Princess Marie | Beast (2017) | Ursula Stanhope | Valiant | King Louie | Riley Poole | Jetstream | Goofy | Sparky | Rabbit | Pecos Bill | Max Goof | He is a cape buffalo and the chief of the Zootopia Police Department. Pinocchio | Fish Out of Water | Gavin Magary | Megan | Big Red | When conversing with Judy at one point, Bogo alludes to his opinions on society, believing the world to be a broken place, and one in need of "good cops". As Nick points out, though, they still have ten more hours to find Mr. Otterton. Milo James Thatch | Captain Jack Sparrow | John Rolfe | Juliet Butler | Morph | Penny Gadget | Winnie the Pooh (2018) | Bianca | At first, he did not like having Judy as part of the ZPD, but, once she proved herself, changed his mind. Skipper Riley | Annette, Collette and Danielle | 1 Personality 2 Film Role 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Like many mammals, Bogo was highly prejudiced at the start of the film. Razoul | "Umm, Chief Bogo," she said in a sweet voice, "While I understand that you may have an affinity for him, he is a predator and he really shouldn't be the first face anyone sees at the ZPD." Faline | Zarina | Kevin Flynn | Pistol Pete | Buck | Penny | Arthur Pendragon | Origin Fa Mulan | Kristoff | Terk | Jane | Chief Bogo. He seems to consider him an overbearing presence on the force and strongly disagreed with many of Lionheart's political decisions, such as his Mammal Inclusion Initiative scheme. Sam Flynn | Lauriam | Baymax | Artemis Fowl | Tin Soldier | Dawn Bellwether Bogo is first introduced during morning routines in the bull pin of the ZPD headquarters. Iridessa | Tramp (2019) | His reaction towards her evidently points to many interactions with her over the past two weeks since Emmitt Otterton disappeared, and, likely, he had become annoyed by her insistence on finding Emmitt and the fact that the ZPD had found no leads.

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