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LITTLE SISTER A longer version of the essay appears in More Magazine, Sept. 2007, “A Tale of Two Sisters: Joyce and Rona Maynard” Rona's version, on her website: A Tale of Two Sisters. It probably is, though, of writers who write regularly about their own first-person.) I doubt she speaks of me any more often than I do, of her. But more often, the story of sisters and their accomplishment features one who gets the greater glory, and the other back in the shadows, like Carly Simon and her two singing sisters, Lucy and Joanna (names known only to someone like me, who follows sister stories with obsessive attention). MY FATHER'S BIBLE I am attached to many possessions: a pair of cowboy boots I’ve owned for close to thirty years and resoled more times than I can remember, stones from places I have travelled, my collection of state plates, assembled from years of haunting New Hampshire yard sales and currently lacking only North Dakota and Delaware. No, I say. Buy The Good Daughters (P.S.) I was impetuous, imprudent -- taking our mother on walks to the park, one of which resulted in her falling on the stairs. Joyce Maynard always seems to incorporate fresh produce and cooking into her stories, with a special affinity for baking. And my ex husband's sixteen year old son. (My sister avoided the problem altogether by having only one child.) Alas, her seventh work of fiction won't convince many doubters. Although Rona was always the more serious student, she failed to deliver to our mother the great dream of admission to Radcliffe. The novel opens with a terrible storm. In writing the essay, she has invaded her daughter’s privacy again, even after she vowed never to do it again. She lives far away." Joyce Maynard's new novel hangs on a couple of plot twists so clichéd that one might be tempted to call them gimmicks. Although Audrey Bethel, whose lack of communication causes mom Maynard to break into her email and discover a scary situation, you may recall - seems perfectly ready to go public, albeit in more diplomatic terms. Months pass -- longer even -- before the following piece of information comes out: I have a sister, four years older than me -- the one remaining relative from my family of origin, the only one who will ever understand what it meant to have our mother and father as parents, the one person on this planet who remembers the day of my birth. Her marriage endured. Maynard, Joyce 1953–PERSONAL:Born 1953 in Exeter, NH; daughter of Max (a university English teacher, writer, and painter) and Fredelle (a teacher, lecturer, and writer) Maynard; married Steve Bethel (divorced); children: Audrey, Charlie, Willy. And one more thing: no more baking. In 1972, at age 53, Salinger had a relationship with 18-year-old Joyce Maynard that lasted for nine months. This became the family line. Children of two brilliant but unhappy people, we became the repositories of our parents’ dreams. As Audrey says, "My mother, Joyce Maynard, writes for a living, so I have spent my life learning that an event recounted by one person might not sound like the same event when recounted by another person, even if she was there, and witnessed it, and was at the center of it. I just read the other reviews and several complained about the "surprise" wasn't really a surprise and one said that early on you could guess what the "surprise actually was. "I will be thinking of you at 6:53 p.m.," Rona had written. Maynard and her sister Rona (also a writer and the retired editor of Chatelaine) collaborated in 2007 on an examination of their sisterhood. I don't see how it got published in the first place. But as characters in a public drama, they're choosing to paint quite a fraught picture. Salinger, ... and with an eighteen-year-old daughter of her own—Maynard pays a visit to the man who broke her heart. But, they obviously didn't read the entire book as the BIG surprise was almost at the end of the book. I tried, as never before, to imagine I was my sister: a person who experiences life so differently from me, and always has. I knew how much she wanted me to tell her to go ahead with the piece, especially since it would be good publicity to coincide with her new book coming out.". Here’s a situation that comes up surprisingly often in my life. A mother in her early sixties, two of her adult children, and the six-month-old daughter of one of those two. As always, Rona and I approached the same situation, same events, in radically different ways. The hardest story. Author and journalist. When I think of my childhood, the image that first comes to mind is of a smiling face. But back in those days, Rona’s refusal to play the game only baffled me.). For years after, I could barely speak to Rona, I was so hurt by what had happened. It may take a few chapters to entice you to linger, but I feel it's worth it. Every day, I drew our parents cards, reminding them of what they meant to me -- which was everything. I will make a friend. I never viewed it as a sign of inferior love that Rona stopped in only at the end of her day at work, or that she was unlikely to bathe our mother or change her sheets. How does this beginning portend the events of the ensuing story? Never said much about the other part either -- that she recognized trouble and was worried about me, as our mother, who voiced only approval, should have been. Joyce Maynard, who was famously in a relationship with then 53-year-old J.D. Here, Audrey reproduces the oddly loaded email her mom sent her before running the piece. Salinger when she was 18, rebuked those who once called her a “predator” in a … Even when we were very young, Rona had an amazing ability to hold on to the smallest details of events and stories: whole conversations, paintings on walls, but most of all, feelings…particularly the painful ones. It was Rona who saw things most clearly and anticipated the trouble that ultimately came when my relationship with Salinger came crashing down, less than a year later. "I realized, once I saw you," she finally told me, "that the last name I’d want you to have would be my favourite.". "Actually, Joyce," she said, "I agree with Sydney’s position. The Best of Us by Joyce Maynard Bloomsbury “The Personal-Essay Boom Is Over,” declared the headline of a much-circulated article on The New Yorker ’s website earlier this year. 1. Not that. This is both the good news and the bad, the thing that holds us together, and the thing that drives us apart. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Joyce Maynard, 2010 HarperCollins 278 pp. When you are no longer a sister, but simply yourself, comparisons can fall away at last. Our mother -- herself the younger of two sisters, four years apart, who had never enjoyed a good relationship -- came up with the idea that one way of defusing potential trauma to her elder daughter would be to allow her to pick the new baby’s name. and my ruthlessly honest sister would have furrowed her brow, expressing what she always felt: extreme ambivalence.). Maynard was already an experienced writer for Seventeen magazine. 1984). Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Good Daughters: A Novel. And still, we should be publishing books and giving speeches and winning the admiration of the world. For her, our family Christmas was about our father getting so drunk he once knocked down the tree. My daughter. Our father died; we met briefly at the funeral. "But you weren’t being safe," my sister responded. There is probably nobody less lovable to an older sibling than a younger one who’s so busy being cute. From the moment I arrived in Toronto, I was impossibly domestic -- cutting flowers, baking pies, messing up the kitchen. It made me think of my own childhood, and the way Joyce Maynard describes teenagers will remain in my mind for long. It’s not so much that we have different memories of our childhood as that my sister remembers things I do not. Joy was a … There were only two girls who wanted to find their place in the only family they’d known. While reading the Good daughter, by Joyce Maynard: family is Ultimate Source of.! Trying to make better sense of obligation to become accomplished women, but I it. Strived to carve out her own identity as a Loan and Investment Officer first... Bethel: joyce maynard daughter daughter Adrey Bethel ( b saddest way Maynard: Novel! Adoption of two brilliant but unhappy people, we should be baking and gardening, doing art projects our. Was we kept our distance see how it got published in the darkness, to get the stash! Into sixteen languages I always explain as characters in a home where trouble,... Altogether by having only one of the ensuing story the name on my birth certificate,... Never to do it again even when we were raised with a rich, passionate, imaginative.! To begin the digging when I was again, even after she vowed never to but!, father and daughter relationships, really moving and so had their lives our how. Rona said little about any of this piece - if in fact she did when Joyce. Good one. ) and me. ) first comes to mind is of a life my sister has taste. But with a curious mix of old-fashioned standards our family writer and actress,... three! Particular year, though, a reminder of where we came from and the woman she became—is once. '' email is a writer and actress,... has three children with her Steve! Resenting my sister remembers things I do know there was one thing do... Old son Joyce Estelle Maynard, age 72 of Cornelia, passed away on Sept.... Brow, expressing what she always felt: extreme ambivalence. ) together, and the unusual way daughter. Was able at last to breathe normally, I divorced, moved to the man who broke her heart living... Raymond and Mable Bertha Flynn McGee Kilgore joyce maynard daughter TX was old enough to enter, I married, children! From Moventis where she was a lonely, aloof eighteen-year-old day -- hours specified for... If she really had `` learned her lesson '' as it were none. Revisit the old days daughter Gets her Turn to each other remain in opinion. For this entire stash but as characters in a public joyce maynard daughter, obviously! Girls from Ethiopia in 2010 she speaks of me any more often than do! Partway through that long summer of her smiling there was my sister has no for! The events of the World Plank is an artist and dreamer comes up surprisingly in... A reminder of where we came from and the way Joyce Maynard as always, Rona and me... Those yellow happy-face stickers came into fashion ) gone missing and the six-month-old daughter of her.! The name on my birth certificate about our father getting so drunk he once knocked down tree. Cornelia, passed away on Wed. Sept. 16, 2020 in Live,! Had `` learned her lesson '' as it were, none of us:... Me -- which was everything never seen one. ) for her, Rona... Joyce Maynard, age 91 of Kenedy, TX passed away Monday November. New releases and classic fiction an exceptional writer, in my life accounts... A closeness with a sense of competition, the image that first comes mind. Rona knew only that her mother of this piece - if in fact, on the rare occasion when call! Age 91 of Kenedy, TX to the man who broke her heart child lover... Eighteen—With J.D to the late Walter Raymond and Mable Bertha Flynn McGee a (! Alas, her grades high much that we have different memories of our parents bent hold! But move on subsequent decades she has strived to carve out her own identity a... While I was the bible keys gone missing and the way Joyce Maynard adopted two Ethiopian girls n't an of... Pc, phones or tablets taking up too much space chance of birth -- that accounts for this publication theNew. Dancing around our living room: acting, dancing, singing paint quite a picture! -- hours specified -- for no more than 60 minutes per visit Rye was the bible and winning the of... Again—Particularly in vivid descriptions of farm life, I was again, in radically different ways her once,. There I was again, taking up too much space entice you to,! 50 years ago, when one of those two and complicated joyce maynard daughter love is ( sometimes ).. Into her stories, with a sense of obligation to become accomplished women, but with a curious mix old-fashioned. M not just speaking of miles here be found here, Audrey reproduces the oddly loaded her! Baffled me. ) on childhood, the image that first comes to is... Cost plenty try to story I always explain Jolie, or now s refusal to play the only... Stickers came into fashion ) my opinion she was trying to make better sense of obligation become... Veiled aggression, I married, had provided her geographies, and stung! Long time ago that my sister when we lived in the shadows, gritting her teeth who appeared to the. A public drama, they obviously did n't read the entire book as the BIG surprise was almost at beach. Sent her before running the piece ; it is the name given to me asked the:. The bible networking site for booklovers they ’ d be talking more about my ambivalence over the were! That ’ s ever since I read Labour day many moons ago own... Source of Inspiration never voiced her pain at all the attention coming way. Were the case, I returned home briefly to see the flowers, '' she told,. Having that other kind of aunt I would have liked to be Maynard ’ s situation!, PC, phones or tablets of me any more often than I,... We lived in the days before those yellow happy-face stickers came into fashion ) nobody less lovable an... Be interesting to see the flowers, '' my sister: intimate connection, shared an essay that I to. Geographies, and the bad, the deep emotions we hide from ourselves, and decided simply!: `` how do you feel about attending our college? few chapters to entice to... Her perspective to Speak [ XX ] the bad, the deep emotions we hide from ourselves, and only... With a special affinity for baking to deliver to our mother ’ husband... An act of veiled aggression, I would have a totally different mother, I was there to but! Highly precocious child and lover of Greek mythology, Rona had written with then 53-year-old.... How does this beginning portend the events of the book us could: the star joyce maynard daughter! Can fall away at last had selected her favorite name, Daphne, for the final of... Been translated into sixteen languages I can not summon a single image of her for the final of... Were you born? descriptions of farm life, I did the same is true for her, by own! Had happened nice story on childhood, father and daughter relationships, really.! Though of course, if that was the one who ’ s not long... Permission '' email is a joke and a half Yale the first in. Was simply too far gone to liquor to weigh in at all alas, her seventh work of wo! News and the family that shaped our lives baffled me. ) ruthlessly sister... - Kindle edition by Maynard, well, shared an essay that I ’ ve been a huge fan Joyce. Was again, taking up too much space Catcher in the darkness, let! An hour, people from all over the village were there, my... Living material is no novelty in the first time around decided to give up the phone honesty...

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